– For bookings with a shorter lead time than 24 hours, please contact us by phone. It is an advantage if you stop in a second candidate ready, should not be your favorite to be available. We ask for the following information: Name, photos, time, planned duration of the meeting + additional information in complex local situations.

– Like 22 clock for your questions at your disposal – If you have any questions in advance, we are 10. Enter your desired with. Consider it: Only those who openly says what he wants, it can get too.

– For Long planned dates, please use our booking form. We will get back to you promptly

Please do not sign up for the short term. Please keep in mind that the ladies within Berlin partially longer than have an hour’s drive . Preparation time (you want but that a certain girl gets only chic? ) is still not included. Please allow at least 2 hours. This is the best case. In most cases, we will need more time. We therefore recommend necessarily some hours in advance. And if you have really zeroed in on a Girl: Why do not you just ask 2-3 days in advance at ? Then it will probably have less stress and all pages…
Please present the right amount at the beginning of the meeting in an open envelope. If the date take place outside of Berlin, a down payment of travel expenses is required.
If the meeting is canceled on the part of the lady , the travel costs will of course be refunded in full. Tell the meeting from which paid in advance travel expenses are deducted.
Of course you can extend spontaneously in most cases. You can also say in advance: I want to see how the chemistry between the escort and myself and then decide spontaneously. For this procedure, we fully understand. There are some cases where this does not work; For example, when the time is already very advanced and the lady has to work the next day. Please announce your eventual extension to advance, then we can give here about information.

Some of this we have alreadyelsewhere gesagt. The girls dress and behave discreetly and unobtrusively. Unless your dream is precisely to make a flashy girl. Then can also realize this.

In most cases, however, you and the lady want to give the impression of a normal dates.

Furthermore berlinescorts.org not save your data. That is, conversely, that you should report all data again for repeat bookings.

The protection of data is usually a time penalty associated. But we are berlinescorts.org of the opinion that it is absolutely worth it.

With berlinescorts.org only women can work speak very good German . Specific information available at the Sedcards the Ladies see.

The profiles and photos of the girls at berlinescorts.org are always up to date and make the ladies truthful and realistic display. Also, you can count on that are on the sedcards information in relation to body size, ages, nationalities, etc. Should you however find the beginning of a meeting that chemistry is too bad, talk this to the lady open and passing it 50 euros for your expenses.

That is possible. But then there is no way to a deposit passes . Please understand that we need your data directly to the Date of relevance.
We delete all data as previously announced on our website. From this practice, we only differ if you explicitly ask so that future requests can be handled efficiently.
Escort girls love to travel – even in your city. Please note that the duration of the date and duration of the Directions are in a healthy relationship. In berlinescorts.org rule of thumb is that the duration of the date should be as long at least as the sum of the return trip. If you do not yet have a booking with us, you pay the travel costs in advance.
Quick Reply: No, this is not possible. It is the responsibility of the agency to take over the communication and organization of the entire meeting. Long answer: If you are planning a long meeting and want to tap previously chemistry, this can be arranged under certain circumstances. We can not guarantee this.

Of course. Let us know your wishes in good time by telephone or enter them in the booking form . Common motifs are: Sexy, casual, elegant, business style… If your request is very short-term, the outfit selection may be limited because the lady has little time to change and prepare. Should the lady go shopping in advance because the outfit request is canceled, please bear the costs in advance.

Many ladies are available for club visits available. This can be found in either the sedcards or give us a call.
It Goes Without Saying. It even frequently recommended in preparation for long Dates to tap out the chemistry in advance.